Superior  quality

Provide the highest quality of experience to end users and enable seamless streaming of studio or user generated content in resolutions up to 4K and 8K

Substantially cheaper

Deep perceptual video processing that delivers up to 50% reduction in cost of streaming on top of any open-source or proprietary encoders for live, VoD, gaming, social media, virtual interaction, IoT

Sustainable results

Deep neural network models that are available today and can scale with new generations of codecs to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact of video streaming

Even More Features

Bitrate Saving

iSIZE pre-coding allows for up to 50% reduction in bitrate over leading commercial AVC/H.264, HEVC, VP9 and AV1 encoders.


Quality Boost

iSIZE deep perceptual optimization boosts the performance of any video encoder in terms of perceptual metrics like VMAF, VMAF_NEG and SSIM, providing for superior visual quality over encoders that optimize for PSNR


Codec Independent

The iSIZE solution can be “bolted” on top of any standard or proprietary video codec to provide bitrate saving, while remaining compatible with standard format containers (e.g.,MP4, MKV, WEBM) and transport stream protocols (e.g., MPEG-TS)


Machine Learning

A single pass of iSIZE intelligent preprocessing can run in real time even on CPU-only hardware, while providing bitrate savings for an entire ABR encoding ladder

Energy Efficiency

iSIZE offers up to 2-fold reduction of the energy footprint of any video encoder while improving perceptual quality, thereby making datacenters more efficient in processing video workloads


Content Independent

While iSIZE benefits from off-line training, by combining content-adaptive preprocessing with the latest advances in deep neural networks, the technology can process any input content, from entertainment, sports and gaming to thermal images and surveillance footage


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