BitClear Wins Best of Show Award at IBC 2022

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We are delighted to have been recognised with TVBEurope’s Best of Show award at IBC for our latest BitClear AI-based video processing technology. This is BitClear’s second award following the NAB Product of the Year award we received earlier this year.

Designed to remove compression artifacts (like blurring, blocking artifacts ringing) from user-generated (or heavily compressed) content, BitClear uses our unique neural network designs, that optimally learn to disentangle the noise from the data manifolds, to remove compression noise and retain or recover the original content features.

User-generated content (UGC) that is viewed by millions of people has been re-shared and re-uploaded numerous times, which tends to make it very degraded due to multiple transcoding iterations happening on non-optimized platforms, e.g., mobile phones transcoding for bandwidth-constrained uploads. For social media or UGC distribution and streaming companies, presenting video content in as high quality as possible is vital to keeping audiences engaged and maximize their video asset.

BitClear makes unwatchable videos watchable by removing compression artifacts (blurring, blocking, etc.) from user-generated, or heavily compressed content. Video content exposed to multiple transcoding iterations can be revived to the maximum possible quality without affecting the original artistic intent of its creators. The process also allows for video upscaling, all with as little as 30ms processing latency on GPUs or high-performance CPUs.

You can read more about the awards here.