The Greening of Streaming

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The 2021 Carbon Trust report Carbon impact of video streaming estimated that one hour of video streaming emitting a total of 50-60g of Co2. Petrol cars emit many times that amount but the climate emergency is such that M&E needs to do more to eliminate carbon in the system. There are multiple carbon cost centres for content, including production itself …

In Conversation with IABM: What does the future hold for AI in broadcast?

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Sergio Grce, iSIZE CEO & Yiannis Andreopoulos, CTO sat down with Darren Whitehead of the IABM to discuss what’s new for iSIZE, and what’s in-store for the future of artificial intelligence in the broadcast industry. Watch below to learn more:

iSIZE BitClear: Making the Unwatchable Watchable

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Sergio Grce, iSIZE CEO discusses BitClear, an artificial intelligence based denoising technology. Consider the life-cycle of a piece of “viral” media. It might be a rare insight into a news story, an unexpected artistic achievement, or just a funny animal. But it has spread around the media-sharing social sites. Given the quality of cameras available today, even in phones, it …

iSIZE presents sustainable video delivery technology innovations at NAB 2022

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iSIZE is exhibiting for the first time at NAB 2022 (24 – 27 April, Las Vegas Convention Center). The company will be demonstrating its latest deep perceptual optimization innovations – such as BitSave, and unveiling its latest BitClear solution. CTO Yiannis Andreopoulos will also take part in two conference sessions on day two. BitSave delivers deep psychovisual preprocessing for maximum …

iSIZE releases BitClear to make unwatchable videos watchable by eliminating compression artifacts in user-generated content

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iSIZE has developed BitClear, an AI-based video processing technology that removes compression artifacts (like blurring and blocking artifacts) from user-generated (or heavily-compressed) content. Video content that has been through multiple transcoding iterations can be revived to the maximum possible quality without affecting the artistic intent of the original creators. The process can also allow for video upscaling, all with as …

Pre-encoding 8K with iSIZE BitSave

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To understand the benefits of pre-encoding 8K content, 8K Association reached out to iSIZE Technologies. iSIZE first uses machine learning to create a psychovisual preprocessor with its BitSave product. This tool can then be deployed in front of any standard codec to provide any combination of lowering bandwidth or increasing video quality. Typically, the model is pre-trained by iSIZE. iSIZE …

iSIZE Joins AWS Partner Network and Completes Foundational Technical Review

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iSIZE, a specialist in deep learning for video delivery, today announces that it has joined the AWS Partner Network (APN), the global community of businesses using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build solutions and services for customers. In addition to joining the APN, iSIZE has completed an AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) of its award-winning, patented BitSave deep psychovisual pre-processing …

Laying the Groundwork for a Generalized Psychovisual Preprocessing Framework for Video Encoding

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At this year’s SMPTE Annual Technical Conference (ATC), iSIZE CTO, Yiannis Andreopoulos, delivered a presentation entitled Toward Generalized Psychovisual Preprocessing For Video Encoding, looking at how deep perceptual preprocessing has emerged as a new way to enable further bitrate savings across several generations of video encoders without breaking standards or requiring any changes in client devices.   SMPTE ATC is a flagship event for the media and entertainment sector, with the SMPTE standardization committee itself celebrating its …

BitSave Wins 2021 VideoTech Innovation Award for Sustainability

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iSIZE today announces that it has won the 2021 Digital TV Europe (DTVE) VideoTech Innovation Award for Sustainability with its BitSave pre-processor for video. With global internet traffic set to reach 4.8 zetabytes a year in 2022, and 80% of this resulting from video, there is a significant environmental cost. Today the internet is using an estimated 10% of the …

The Future of Superintelligence Panel Session at MTH

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iSIZE’s Yiannis Andreopoulos leads the debate on how AI can best deliver results for the needs of films and television  At the MediaTech Hub Conference 2021, held 10-11 November, iSIZE CTO Yiannis Andreopoulos took part in the panel discussion entitled The Future of Superintelligence: What Do We Want From AI in Film & Television?  Technology for technology’s sake does not help the media industry to …