Large Audience

Deliver videos to thousands of concurrent users in high quality much faster with high performance caching servers and optimized software for video streaming.

Superior Quality

Utilise the power of advanced machine learning technology to achieve substantially better video quality at significantly reduced storage and bandwidth requirements.

Delivery Cost

Reach ultimate video quality across different resolutions while reducing bandwidth and delivery cost by up to 70% with patented AI technology and low-cost caching servers.

Minimal Commitment

No large capital investment in complex infrastructure. Simple, one-off commitment to reflect the company size and stage which gets deducted from the first quarter invoice.

Up to 70% Bitrate Saving For AVC, HEVC and VP9 In HD,1080p and UHD/4K

Request Test Account

Send us a request for a test account by email and we will provide the test account credentials to get you started.

Get Started With CosmoCDN

Familiarise yourself with our easy dashboard and use our fast upload technology to upload your videos.

Set HLS Parameters

Choose the resolution and HLS ladder of your choice to achieve the desired bitrate saving.

Start Encoding

Watch CosmoCDN encode your videos up to 5x faster than leading encoders for BETTER Quality and LESS Bandwidth.

Monitor The Progress

Easily monitor the progress of your encoding jobs via CosmoCDN dashboard, with progress bar, error notification, etc.

Fast Caching

High performance caching servers located near the end user to ensure the ultimate quality and viewing experience.

Stream Encoded Videos

One-click stream to your computer or cloud including AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox.

Here To Help

Let us know how you are doing. Any problems please get in touch via our support form. Happy Encoding!

CosmoCDN Summary

CosmoCDN is a Content Distribution Network service that distributes VoD and live content anywhere in the world, as close to the user as possible. With its high performance caching servers and optimized software for video streaming, CosmoCDN improves video quality and delivers content to thousands of concurrent users. CosmoCDN can help customers to deliver their content faster, reduce the audience segmentation, lower network latency, reduce packet loss, and improve security by using tokens and OAuth2.0.

Where does iSize fit in? iSize is the first company to offer proprietary machine learning solutions for substantial bitrate or quality gains in video compression. Beyond its performance, what makes our solution stand out is that it is compatible with any existing video coding infrastructure. Therefore, it can:

  • boost the compression efficiency of any video codec;
  • run on client devices with minimal or no additional overhead;
  • offer significant computational and energy efficiency for video encoding on resource-constrained devices (drones, action-cams, smartphones, etc.).

These advantages allow our clients to seamlessly integrate our solution and benefit from bitrate saving and quality improvement for their video delivery services.

CosmoCDN Technical Flow Chart And Analytics

iSize and CosmoCDN have been integrated their backend systems to be able to provide the best service to the customers. In the Figure 1, you can see the high-level architecture design which shows the flow of the VoD and Live feed content delivery:

  • iSize receiving the VoD content as well as Live feed (by utilising the SRT protocol) and transcoding it using the patented AI iSize engine.
  • iSize sending the VoD ABR content to the storage which is the Origin for CosmoCDN, while the Live feed goes directly to the CosmoCDN edge servers.
  • CosmoCDN streaming the content to the end-users and at the same time caching it in the SSD drives for fast and reliable delivery.
  • Customers receiving embedded URL from iSize which includes the player and the CosmoCDN streaming URL. This code can be used in the CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, etc.
  • Additionally, a plugin generates a token to allow watching the content, thereby ensuring only authorized users can use the service.


Figure 1. iSize and CosmoCDN High Level Architecture Diagram


Security is a very important aspect of iSize and CosmoCDN architecture. iSize monitors all users’ activities and CosmoCDN is uses tokens to authenticate each users. A valid user will send a GET request with a valid token to CosmoCDN caching servers. If the token is valid, then CosmoCDN will allow them access to the service by forwarding the request to the Origin, in case of Cache MISS, or deliver it from the cache, in case of Cache HIT. However, if a user tries to send a rogue request by simulating a token, the caching server will block it by returning 403 “Access Denied” to the client. Each token includes an HMAC key and expiration date/time for maximum security.


Figure 2. User requests to CosmoCDN using tokens and OAuth2.0


All CosmoCDN users can monitor their traffic from their iSize account by clicking the analytics URL. As you can see from Figure 3, we collect all the data per user from the edge servers and we present it in our Analytics dashboard. In the dashboard, you can see all the requests (valid and invalid), visitors, requested files and how much traffic has been delivered for the particular user. Under the overall requests, which is a summary of the monthly traffic, the customer will be able to see more details which can help them understand their audience’s behaviour. Also, the data can be downloaded in Json format which can then be imported into other analytics systems. CosmoCDN refreshes the analytics page every month and uploads the previous monthly reports to the storage. Customers can request previous reports from our customer support team at any time.


Figure 3. CosmoCDN Live Analytics Dashboard