Our patented technology is complex, but the idea and implementation is simple

What video file extensions are you supporting?

  • mp4, mkv, avi, vob, wmv, vp9, m2ts, mpg, mts, ts, webm, mov, y4m, mxf.

What video codecs can be used?

  • Our technology is fully codec independent and can be used with existing codecs like H.264/AVC, HEVC and VP9. The currently-available version of our SaaS platform provides for H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP9, MPEG2Video and Apple ProRes encoding. 

What audio codecs are supported?

  • Most input audio codecs without audio transcoding and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) with transcoding.

Is the cost of encoding the same across different resolutions?

  • Yes, see our pricing information here. We offer the most competitive and simplest encoding pricing model in the market, especially when considering the advanced bitrate saving and quality improvement aspects offered by our technology.

Can I integrate BitSave within my existing infrastructure?

  • Absolutely, BitSave can be integrated within your existing video pipeline by using our API

How can I quantify the bitrate saving of your service versus that of competitors?

  • We have tuned our encoding such that, when selecting a bitrate value, the provided video quality will correspond to the visual quality of well-known video encoding services at that bitrate. However, in the vast majority of cases, our actual bitrate will be 20-80% lower than that value, thereby offering this saving at no compromise in visual quality – in fact in many cases our visual quality will be even higher than that of the other services that do not offer such savings across the range of bitrates. The actual bitrate saving offered per encoding is shown at the right of your encoding job within the BitSave dashboard. 

How do you quantify and justify your claim of equal or higher visual quality?

  • We measure video quality via industry-standard metrics such as PSNR, SSIM and VMAF. We have tuned our patent-pending encoding technology such that our savings vs. competing approaches are offered across the range of practical video resolutions and bitrates, and this has been statistically validated with hundreds of thousands of encoding jobs. One of our initial papers on this topic can be found here. (published as full-presentation paper at IBC 2019, with less than 10% acceptance rate). Some samples of these metrics are predicted in the job detail page at the end of each encoding. 

Can I use BitSave directly with my own cloud storage or my own local files?

  • Yes, our platform can be used via the UI dashboard at BitSave, or via the BitSave API. Information about the BitSave API is found at the top right corner of the dashboard page of BitSave.

How long will you keep my encoded videos?

  • We commit to keeping files until deleted by the user or until 1 month after file encoding (whichever comes first).

How can your technology be so fast, especially for higher resolutions?

  • We achieve this via (i) our AI based precoding approaches that send a smaller pixel footprint to the encoder, and (ii) our intelligent serverless cloud encoding solution. 

We tested this against original frame sizes and the results were astonishing. Just stunning results

Peter CrowtherMD Peter Crowther Associates
  • Before-Standard Upscaler vs iSize Upscaler
    After-Standard Upscaler vs iSize Upscaler
    BeforeStandard Upscaler vs iSize UpscalerAfter