iSIZE Start Up snapshot

FEED Magazine: Start-up Snapshot

iSize In The Press

iSIZE was recently featured in the latest edition of FEED magazine. In the article, CEO Sergio Grce discusses how the company was founded and how iSIZE’s technology can improve the quality of video streaming while reducing its carbon footprint. With over 80% of internet traffic being video, the amount of emissions generated from video streaming has become a significant concern. iSIZE’s unique, proprietary AI-powered solutions can achieve bit rate savings and quality improvements for any content delivery application.

“Optimising video is not just about a better viewer experience: it also creates a significant reduction in the environmental impact of streaming, something
that the industry as a whole is under pressure to address” said CEO Sergio Grce. “As a member of Greening of Streaming, we would like to invite the industry to join us in tackling the environmental challenges together”.

Read the full article here pg 49.