IABM Entrepreneurs’ panel: Transforming your business to be future-fit

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By Sergio Grce, iSize Technologies

I was delighted to have the opportunity to discuss entrepreneurship with the Head of  Channel 4 – 4 Ventures Commercial Growth Fund, Vinay Solanki, on a panel hosted by IBC365 Editor, George Bevir, at the IABM Annual Conference last month.

Here’s the video of our discussion:

The topic was about transforming your business to be future-fit. In the world today, there is an ever increasing demand for high quality video streaming. Netflix currently accounts for 15% of internet traffic and Youtube’s share is just over 11% and these numbers are set to rise.

Our vision at iSize is to cut the size of internet traffic by around 20% by giving our clients around 30% bitrate saving with any existing codec when using our BitSave technology.

This technology is available now. Click here to try it out for yourself.