IABM In Conversation with iSIZE: Part 1

iSize In The Press



Recently Sergio Grce, CEO of iSIZE Technologies, was invited to feature in IABM’s series of video interviews. Lisa Collins, Head of Membership Engagement at IABM, asked him a number of questions on a range of topics which we’re featuring in a series of blogs.

In the first part of the interview, Collins asked Grce about his involvement with CDL Oxford, following on from the recent news that iSIZE graduated from its inaugural cohort.

Grce explained that one of the main enticements for iSIZE to apply for this program in the first place was the fact that CDL Oxford has an impressive network of mentors who are experts in the field of deep tech and AI as well as Venture Capitalists representing their companies. Grce said of the program, “It was a very good experience. Lots of help and valuable advice over the last 6 months.”

Despite the challenges of lockdown impacting the final months of the program, iSIZE managed not only to graduate (one of only 9 companies to do so out of over 250 applicants) but also to raise a total of £740k from notable Silicon Valley angel and institutional investors.

Grce felt that this had been a very good experience and is hoping to work together with the investors and advisors he met through CDL Oxford to bring iSIZE to the global stage. The goal is to help the giants of video streaming meet the challenges of an ever-increasing demand for high-quality video content; reducing the data and environmental costs of streaming video while simultaneously improving visual quality.

Since they had such a good experience of the CDL Oxford program, Grce highly recommends it to other start-ups looking for strategic advice and funding opportunities. He had this advice for them:

“Be interactive, go to the events, go to the conferences which are related to what you do” Grce said. “It’s time and effort that counts.”

Watch the Part 1 of the interview in the video below:

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