Intel Tech Talk: Innovator at the Edge

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As part of our partnership with Intel, CTO Yiannis Andreopoulos recently gave a presentation at the ‘Innovator at the Edge’ tech talk on neural pre- and post-processing for #video delivery from and to edge devices. 
He discussed at length our core products BitSave – our AI pre-processing solution, and BitClear – our AI denoising solution, and how they optimize the existing video delivery pipeline at scale. The presentation demonstrated use-case scenarios for defence/security/surveillance, live and game streaming, social media and its performance on Intel hardware. 
It also highlighted the benefits of BitClear for video content that has been shared multiple times on social media platforms resulting in significant quality loss, or for images received from drones and satellites flying in poor signal conditions, and how our solution can denoise and recover as much of the original resolution as possible. 

Joint work with: A. Chadha, A. Bhunia, U. Khan, J.J. Lim, I. Fadeev, R. Anam, M. Treder.