iSIZE Technologies to launch AI-powered ‘BitSave’ SaaS Video Encoding Platform at IBC 2019

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IBC 2019, 13-17 September, Stand 8.F25 – iSize Technologies, the London-based provider of intelligent video coding and delivery technology, will launch BitSave, a first-of-a-kind, fully AI-powered encoding platform that enables up to 70 percent bitrate saving versus non-AI competing codec solutions, at IBC 2019. iSize has also been selected to present a paper at IBC as part of the “Tech Talk: AI – more ways it will revolutionise our industry” – entitled Deep-learning Based Precoding Techniques for Next-Generation Video Compression – on Tuesday 17 September at 09.00 in the Forum. This is the first time iSize is presenting and exhibiting at IBC.

Extensive testing has shown its patent-pending AI features can also make encoding up to 500 percent faster than competing cloud encoding solutions. In addition, the platform is available with one of the most affordable and simplest pricing models in the market today.

The AI technology behind BitSave is fully codec independent, increasing the efficiency and performance of all latest codec standards, including AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, and VP9. This ensures seamless integration with existing media workflows.

iSize Technologies CEO Sergio Grce said, “According to Cisco VNI, more than 75 percent of all internet traffic is now video, and that’s set to rise to 82 percent by the end of 2020. At the same time, households have upgraded their viewing devices, adopting 4K UHD displays in increasing numbers, which has led to an increasingly sophisticated audience of consumers demanding levels of quality that traditional media supply chains are not able to meet.

“BitSave resolves those high bitrate quality issues by providing the capacity, performance and know-how to cost-effectively deliver a high-quality experience for both VOD and live streaming customers.”

To showcase the impact of BitSave in fast and low-cost content delivery under challenging transport conditions, iSize Technologies has partnered with CosmoCDN, a new CDN provider currently piloting in several regions of Africa. iSize is also piloting and testing BitSave with companies in the field of VOD, streaming, broadcasting, hardware, e-learning, and defence. iSize is addressing the individual requirements of each of those companies by deploying the BitSave encoding platform to save on bandwidth and reduce bitrate ladders to optimise and improve the visual quality or reduce streaming or data transfer interference.

BitSave does all of this while remaining totally codec independent. It is also faster while requiring less processing power, which makes it environmentally conscious as well since these savings can translate to significantly less datacentre power if deployed at scale.


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iSize is a deep-tech company specialising in deep learning for video delivery. It comprises members holding PhDs in video signal processing, machine learning and advanced networking systems, including university professors in these areas. Advanced machine learning is beginning to disrupt content and iSize believes it will enable such advanced technologies to enter the market in a manner that is backward compatible to existing video encoding and transport standards. More information is available from

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