iSIZE BitClear: Making the Unwatchable Watchable

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Sergio Grce, iSIZE CEO discusses BitClear, an artificial intelligence based denoising technology.

Consider the life-cycle of a piece of “viral” media. It might be a rare insight into a news story, an unexpected artistic achievement, or just a funny animal. But it has spread around the media-sharing social sites.

Given the quality of cameras available today, even in phones, it may well have started with quite pristine video imagery. But each time it gets shared it gets re-encoded. At the point when it has the potential for viral success – and therefore valuable monetisation – the quality has often degraded significantly. We are all well aware of concatenated encoding (a.k.a. transcoding), like blurring, blocking and ringing.

For many, this poor quality makes it unwatchable, however interesting the content. It is a paradox: the more successful a video clip on social media, the fewer people will tolerate distortion and artifacts to watch it.

What is needed is a process that rolls back the effects of all those encodings and recovers quality as close as possible to that of the original video. Unfortunately, conventional wisdom is that video quality lost after each transcoding can never be recovered.

iSIZE specialises in the application of deep learning in video delivery, so we looked into this issue. The result is BitClear, an artificial intelligence based denoising technology that is specifically tuned to remove the effects of compression.

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