iSIZE Joins Panel at MediaTech Hub Conference

iSize Events

This year’s MediaTech Hub (MTH) Conference will take place in a hybrid format: Live at Babelsberg Studios, the Hollywood of Europe, and online via MTH’s bespoke digital event platform.

On November 11th 2021, iSIZE CTO, Yiannis Andreopoulos, will be joining a panel of experts to discuss – ‘The Future of Superintelligence: What do we want from AI in film & television?’.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) opening up so many radical possibilities for audiovisual media, how often do we stop and ask ourselves: What do we actually want from AI? This session will explore the need for a mission-oriented AI, backed by ethics, interdisciplinary collaboration and purposeful design, to help us discern between what is merely possible, and the innovations that would make a real difference.

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