Neural network technology brings clear benefits to defence applications

iSize News

iSIZE’s BitClear comprises AI technology for the denoising, and upscaling of video assets captured and transmitted in resource-constrained or adversarial environments. The aim of this innovation is the removal of: (i) encoding artifacts (blocking, blurring, ringing, aliasing, etc.); (ii) transmission impairments (e.g., artifacts from transport under adversarial wireless conditions or high-velocity UAVs); (iii) capture impairments (lens, camera flicker, vibrations, etc.). This bespoke neural network solution can be trained to remove these and other types of artifacts if indicative training datasets are available. 

We have demonstrated how BitClear enhances the quality of defence/security video feeds that are captured under resource-constrained or adversarial conditions. Some of the examples include, enabling significant visual quality improvement for images or video received via low-bandwidth links (e.g., satellites, UAVs or driverless vehicles, wearable cameras, bandwidth-capped surveillance links), video transmitted under adversarial wireless conditions, and erroneous or noisy camera captures due to vibration. Typically, if a UAV or person/asset with an on-board camera travels outside an area with sufficient cellular network coverage, the costs of transferring video data from source to viewing client increases substantially as they would have to connect via low-bandwidth satellite links or other bespoke RF arrangements. With BitClear, higher-quality video recovery is enabled in real-time through the cloud or via on-premise deployment for all such use cases across defence applications. 

By adjusting our award-winning, patent-protected neural network IP for surveillance content, BitClear will allow video feeds from field units to meet defence requirements for visual fidelity and quality expected in operational scenarios, while managing the cost of delivery. iSIZE has already developed and licensed video denoising and upscaling solutions to leading stakeholders in the video-on-demand and social media sectors. However, we believe there is a strong use case for the defence sector and have developed prototypes to demonstrate this. 

BitClear is the only solution of its kind that can denoise and upscale live content and offer significant quality improvement compared to all traditional video denoising solutions, especially when significant impairments exist in the input content. Importantly, all incumbent commercial denoising solutions introduce latency into the video feed and require manual tuning, which would not be suitable for live field operations.  

BitClear’s performance and capabilities have already been validated via ITU-T P.910 laboratory testing for specific use cases across video streaming.