Live photorealistic generative 2D/3D avatar technology - Powering the future of virtual interactions

Deepfake - Free arrows icons

No offline training &
NO deep fakes

Avoidance of deep fakes by ensuring faithful rendering of what is captured by the camera.

AI-based rendering and structure extraction in latent space; No offline capture and training

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online presence at much lower bitrate

Decreasing bitrate by 3-10x in comparison to state-of-the-art generic video encoders (AV1, HEVC) for the same visual quality

achieving near zero Latency

5x lower video latency

5x lower transceiver power

Uninterrupted remote presence under poor wireless signal conditions

Significantly better Quality of Experience -> increased user engagement time

A robust and user agnostic solution

Scale-out to millions of users with the use of a single model;

Bespoke models can be tailored to content: conversational, IoT, infrared, multispectral, etc.

Deployable across devices

BitGen - 3x to 10x bitrate reduction vs. AV1/HEVC with real-time photorealistic speaker rendering at 1080p resolution 

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