Deep psychovisual preprocessing for maximum bitrate savings. Al-based perceptual preprocessing solution that allows conventional, third-party encoders  to produce higher quality video at lower bitrate.  

efficient delivery

Offers up to 50% reduction in video bitrate over the state-of-the-art at the same or improved visual quality. Boosts the compression efficiency of any video codec and runs on client devices with minimal or no additional overhead

Codec Independent

BitSave technology is compatible with any codec, including AVC, HEVC, VP9, AV1, and even the upcoming AV2 and VVC, with increased gains in bitrate and quality offered for newer standards

Seamless Integration

Single pass processing per content for an entire ABR ladder. Requires no change in encoding, delivery or decoding devices. Compatible with any existing video coding infrastructure

Sustainable  Streaming

Allows simpler encoding recipes, offers significant computational and energy efficiency allowing for sustainable video streaming at scale

BitSave - Up to 50% Bitrate Saving Over AVC, HEVC, VP9, AV1 For Live 

Al-based video processing technology that removes compression artifacts (blurring, blocking artifacts, ringing) from user-generated (or heavily-compressed) content. 


On NVIDIA RTX, T4 or V100 GPUs, BitClear can operate over multiple input video assets in real time (at 25/30 fps). Allows for video upscaling, all with as little as 5ms processing latency on GPUs or high-performance CPUs

CONTENT Independent

Processes any highly-compressed content and produces a higher-quality output that improves the value of the asset. It operates on all types of content

superior quality

Revives to the maximum possible quality without affecting the artistic intent of the original creators. As video encoding noise is applied across the entirety of each video frame, it operates on the entirety of each input frame and it is not a region-of-interest approach.

Future proof

Scalable neural network architecture, that can scale to high volumes of content and is ideal for cloud as well as on-premise deployment

BitClear - Making Unwatchable Videos Watchable