Pre-encoding 8K with iSIZE BitSave

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To understand the benefits of pre-encoding 8K content, 8K Association reached out to iSIZE Technologies.

iSIZE first uses machine learning to create a psychovisual preprocessor with its BitSave product. This tool can then be deployed in front of any standard codec to provide any combination of lowering bandwidth or increasing video quality. Typically, the model is pre-trained by iSIZE.

iSIZE implements recent theories in the field of psychovisual image analysis and rate-perception-distortion optimization (Reference: Blau, Yochai, and Tomer Michaeli. “Rethinking lossy compression: The rate-distortion-perception tradeoff.” International Conference on Machine Learning. PMLR, 2019. Online here).

Read the full article on the 8K Association website here.