Sergio Grce talks about iSIZE and BitSave v.2

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By Sergio Grce, iSize Technologies

In this video, I answer the questions “Who is iSIZE” and “What is it we offer?” as well as introducing BitSave v.2.

iSize is a deep tech company specializing in deep learning for video delivery.

We are a team of 6 PhDs in video signal processing, machine learning and advanced networking systems and that includes two members who are university professors from leading UK universities. Basically, a lot of clever, technical people to develop a technology that can potentially change the entire industry.

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We use deep learning to deliver an average bitrate saving of 30% and improve visual quality with deep perceptual optimization. Our product, BitSave version 2 is a fully codec independent software solution that requires no additional changes to existing infrastructure or client device.

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