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iSize In The Press

by Digital Innovation


We’re delighted to be featured in the February 2020 bumper issue of the Digital Innovation magazine as this month’s start-up company. You can read the full issue here. iSize has a double page profile on pages 132-4.

A deep tech company specialising in deep learning for video delivery, iSize is set to disrupt the ‘streaming wars’. Its founders believe that iSize Technologies is the AI solution to delivering the best quality video at a fraction of the data cost, ultimately unlocking the solution to this hidden technological arms race.

By the end of 2020, more than 82 per cent of internet traffic will be taken up by video, with consumers increasingly investing in and consuming higher quality video content. The market is rapidly expanding as multiple players enter the melee; Apple Inc and Walt Disney entered the market last year, with Apple TV+ and Disney_ and HBP Max and Peacock expected to launch later this year, all vying to take market share from established players, YouTube, Amazon and Netflix.

In response to this fast-moving market, London-based start-up, iSize, has developed innovative software that allows data-heavy video content to be compressed to a fraction of its original size, meaning content can be streamed faster and at a better quality.

iSize’s BitSave software is essentially a ‘pre-coder’ that performs perceptual optimisation of the content before the pixels reach the video compression software, as well as finding the best possible resolution according to the desired bitrate stream.

This unique approach has several advantages:

Firstly, BitSave can be used alongside existing software, meaning the tech giants that have invested in compression software can use BitSave as an ‘add-on’ without having to shelve ongoing projects.

BitSave is also unconstrained by standards because it produces a pixel output, which means it can use advanced neural networks and add multiple quality functions that cannot be achieved otherwise.

In short, this allows consumers to stream higher quality video, using less data or bandwidth. Devices also need to use less computing power to stream quality video, which means a longer battery life when watching content on the go.

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