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iSize In The Press

by Dick Hobbs, KitPlus Magazine 


Great mention for iSize in the latest KitPlus Magazine in this interesting article from Dick Hobbs about fake news, Artificial Intelligence for video streaming and the environmental concern of the ever increasing energy demands of the internet.

“A couple of months back I wrote in this column about how the internet is becoming a major environmental concern: it already has a bigger carbon footprint than air travel, because of all those server farms and their associated air conditioning. Online porn consumes more energy than Belgium. In just a couple of years, video streaming will represent 80% of all internet traffic.

“What if you could reduce that figure, by making the data streams smaller? Codecs continue to develop, of course, but standardisation and ratification is a slow process and anyway, the more powerful the codec the more processing grunt it requires to encode it.

“I have recently come across a company called iSize Technologies, which is developing a video pre-processor. iSize has reverse engineered human visual perception, to understand what we actually see. It can then use artificial intelligence to minimise the parts of the picture we are never going to look at.

“They currently estimate they can reduce the size of the video stream by 20 – 40%, before the video goes to the codec. Once it gets to the consumer device it is decoded as normal, and should look as good as normal. But the data rate is significantly lower.”

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