iSIZE commits to a sustainable future with membership of Greening of Streaming

IABM: iSIZE commits to a sustainable future with membership of Greening of Streaming

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The IABM reports on iSIZE becoming a member of Greening of Streaming. This is a global forum with members across every aspect of content streaming which addresses the ever-growing concerns about the energy impact of the streaming sector. “Sustainability is one of the core principles at the heart of iSIZE and its technologies,” said Yiannis Andreopoulos, CTO and co-founder of …

Toward Generalized Psychovisual Preprocessing For Video Encoding

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A recent issue of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, presents paper entitled Toward Generalized Psychovisual Preprocessing for Video Encoding by Yiannis Andreopoulos, Mohammad Ashraful Anam, Aaron Chadha, Ilya Fadeev, and Matthias Treder. The research explores the use of deep perceptual preprocessing to enable bitrate savings across several generations of video encoders, without breaking standards or requiring any changes in client …

iSIZE Present Paper at this year’s SMPTE 2021 Annual Technical Conference

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iSIZE has been selected to present at this year’s SMPTE Annual Technical Conference (SMPTE 2021 ATC) starting Nov. 9 and running select days through Nov. 18. The conference will be a virtual event with technical paper presentations, SMPTE Storytellers, roundtables, and networking events. Yiannis Andreopoulos of iSIZE will be presenting a paper on the first day entitled “Toward Generalized Psychovisual Preprocessing For Video Encoding”. “Deep perceptual preprocessing has recently …

iSIZE BitSave high quality video at lower bitrates via Intel DL Boost

iSIZE BitSave: High-quality video at lower bitrates via Intel DL Boost

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This white paper describes iSIZE’s innovative BitSave technology, an AI-based perceptual optimization that adaptively filters the video content before it reaches the codec, such that the output after compressing with any standard video codec is perceptually optimized (e.g., less motion artifacts or blurring), for the same bitrate. Download PDF >