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iSIZE was recently featured in the latest edition of FEED magazine. In the article, CEO Sergio Grce discusses how the company was founded and how iSIZE’s technology can improve the quality of video streaming while reducing its carbon footprint. With over 80% of internet traffic being video, the amount of emissions generated from video streaming has become a significant concern. …

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A new hybrid approach to photorealistic neural avatars

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Neural avatars have emerged as a new technology for interactive remote presence. Amongst other things, they are expected to influence video conferencing, mixed reality frameworks (e.g. remote appearances at physical meetings), and 2D or 3D gaming and metaverse applications. At the moment, they are limited to either cartoon representations of the speaker (e.g. Mesh avatars for Microsoft Teams) or experimental …


NVIDIA GTC 2023: Bridging the Gap Between “Codec” and “Avatar”

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iSIZE CTO Yiannis Andreopoulos gave an insightful presentation at the NVIDIA GTC Developer Conference on March 23rd 2023, where he talked about bridging the gap between “Codec” and “Avatar”. During the presentation, Yiannis┬ádiscussed the current neural avatar solutions and three challenges they need to overcome: reliability at scale, minimal or no offline data capture complexity, and minimal training/inference complexity. He …

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iSIZE joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Programme

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iSIZE has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Programme as a Build Partner. Being part of the Build Engagement Model means iSIZE can deliver solutions on Google Cloud, and serve organisations that are using it to deliver their video services. As a Google Cloud partner, iSIZE can implement its advanced technologies, including BitSave and BitClear, as part of wider video …