iSIZE BitClear Achieves AI-based Live Video Denoising and Upscaling with Intel AMX

iSIZE BitClear Achieves AI-based Live Video Denoising and Upscaling with Intel AMX

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iSIZE has released its first performance results taking advantage of the new Intel architecture developed for the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor. Called Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel AMX), the new design allows AI-based video processing like iSIZE BitClear to be performed entirely within the CPU, avoiding the latency, energy and cost overheads of linking to a GPU or other external accelerator. The volume …

BitClear Wins Gold Digital Media World Award

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We are so proud to receive the Gold Video Processing award for BitClear, our denoising technology solution, in the Digital Media World Awards 2022. The products entered into the Digital Media World Awards this year are helping broadcasters, service providers, content producers and many other industry players adapt to the evolving content production and distribution landscape in impressive ways including …

Intel Network Builders Winners’ Circle Gold Award

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We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded Gold Level in the Intel Network Builders Winners’ Circle. Intel® Network Builders program celebrate the Winners’ Circle Awards, dedicated to Intel partners who have demonstrated particularly outstanding innovations and business acumen. Winners’ Circle partners are placed in one of three categories: Titanium, Gold and Member. Each level is specially customized to highlight …

Rethink Research: AMD’s EPYC™ CPUs rouse vendor plans, boost CPU encoding longevity

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AMD recently unveiled its 4th Gen EPYC™ CPUs. In light of this launch, Alex Davies of Rethink Research sat down with iSIZE CTO, Yiannis Andreopoulos to find out more about the benefits of the new designs for video workloads. Using 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors, running real-world tests to accelerate the neural network inferences in BitSave and BitClear, iSIZE achieves …

Intel Tech Talk: Innovator at the Edge

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As part of our partnership with Intel, CTO Yiannis Andreopoulos recently gave a presentation at the ‘Innovator at the Edge’ tech talk on neural pre- and post-processing for #video delivery from and to edge devices.   He discussed at length our core products BitSave – our AI pre-processing solution, and BitClear – our AI denoising solution, and how they optimize the …

iSIZE BitSave high quality video at lower bitrates via Intel DL Boost

iSIZE BitSave: High-quality video at lower bitrates via Intel DL Boost

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This white paper describes iSIZE’s innovative BitSave technology, an AI-based perceptual optimization that adaptively filters the video content before it reaches the codec, such that the output after compressing with any standard video codec is perceptually optimized (e.g., less motion artifacts or blurring), for the same bitrate. Download PDF >