iSIZE Joins Panel at MediaTech Hub Conference

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This year’s MediaTech Hub (MTH) Conference will take place in a hybrid format: Live at Babelsberg Studios, the Hollywood of Europe, and online via MTH’s bespoke digital event platform. On November 11th 2021, iSIZE CTO, Yiannis Andreopoulos, will be joining a panel of experts to discuss – ‘The Future of Superintelligence: What do we want from AI in film & …

Taking on the growing challenge of rising content volumes and a spiking carbon footprint

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The continuing surge in online media consumption means our industry faces two pressing challenges. First, there is unprecedented stress on network infrastructures worldwide, which not only creates content delivery bottlenecks, but also affects how content can be distributed efficiently to the ever-growing numbers of viewers. Second, this rapid rise in content consumption and delivery also has a huge impact on …

Digital Studio Magazine: Nabbed by mixed realities

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As top exhibitors recently announced their withdrawal from one of the industry’s biggest trade shows, COVID-19 seems to have taken several plans from RSVP to we are sorry, including the event itself. In the DS edition for October-December, Karishma Hingorani discovers what could have been in-person conversations led by top innovators. “First, the demand for higher quality video streaming is …

Deep Perceptual Preprocessing with a Difference

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Per Hultin discusses meeting the challenge of a rising volume of content and the growing carbon footprint of online video streaming. Consumers today have higher expectations for the quality of the content they consume than ever before. They also have more choice available to them than ever before. As a result, delivering more high-quality content as cost-effectively as possible is …

Live streaming startups

The Hottest Live-Streaming Start-ups in 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t just moved us out of the office, it’s also heralded an explosion in live event streaming online. From concerts attracting audiences far bigger than the usual stadium-capacity, to weddings, sports events and children’s parties, people are almost as at-home with a digital broadcast as they are with the real thing. Business Insider sat down with venture …

iSIZE brings the latest iteration of its BitSave AI-powered technology to NAB 2021

iSIZE brings the latest iteration of its BitSave AI-powered technology to NAB 2021

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iSIZE is exhibiting as part of the Connected Media|IP at NAB 2021 and will show the latest version of BitSave, its fully artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology. This first-of-a-kind solution leverages deep perceptual optimization in order to optimize video quality, and it offers significant bitrate savings for all video encoding standards. ISIZE has also been selected to present a paper – …

AI video compression is arriving not a moment too soon

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Artificial intelligence for video compression is a technology that is coming to a streaming service near you, and it can’t arrive quickly enough. RedShark talks to iSIZE CEO Sergio Grce about its encoder which capitalizes on the trend for perceptual quality metrics such as VMAF and can be shown to save 30 to 50 percent on bitrate at the cost …

AI Compression Has Entered the Room

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In a world where online video use is soaring and bandwidth remains at a premium, video compression is essential to keep the gears running smoothly. Adrian Pennington discusses how AI is replacing conventional techniques to cope with the ever increasing demand in a recent article for NAB Amplify. iSize Technologies has developed an encoder to capitalize on the trend for …

iSIZE raises $6.3m in funding led by Octopus Ventures to tackle environmental impact of video streaming

iSIZE raises $6.3m in funding led by Octopus Ventures to tackle environmental impact of video streaming

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Investment will enable iSIZE to accelerate its traction and to continue strengthening its technical team and patent portfolio iSIZE has already secured licensing agreements with leading technology and streaming companies iSIZE today announces that it has raised a further $6.3 million in funding as it seeks to make streaming more environmentally friendly without reducing quality. The round was led by …

iSIZE BitSave high quality video at lower bitrates via Intel DL Boost

iSIZE BitSave: High-quality video at lower bitrates via Intel DL Boost

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This white paper describes iSIZE’s innovative BitSave technology, an AI-based perceptual optimization that adaptively filters the video content before it reaches the codec, such that the output after compressing with any standard video codec is perceptually optimized (e.g., less motion artifacts or blurring), for the same bitrate. Download PDF >