BitClear Wins Best of Show Award at IBC 2022

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We are delighted to have been recognised with TVBEurope’s Best of Show award at IBC for our latest BitClear AI-based video processing technology. This is BitClear’s second award following the NAB Product of the Year award we received earlier this year. Designed to remove compression artifacts (like blurring, blocking artifacts ringing) from user-generated (or heavily compressed) content, BitClear uses our …

200 Trees Planted with iSIZE – Pioneering Sustainable Video Delivery

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We are in a climate emergency. More than a billion hours of content is consumed on a single streaming platform every single day and as a result, the industry’s carbon footprint is growing exponentially. This is why, at iSIZE we are passionate towards addressing these challenges, using deep perceptual AI-technology to make video delivery more sustainable.   This year at …

Toward Generalized Psychovisual Preprocessing For Video Encoding

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A recent issue of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, presents paper entitled Toward Generalized Psychovisual Preprocessing for Video Encoding by Yiannis Andreopoulos, Mohammad Ashraful Anam, Aaron Chadha, Ilya Fadeev, and Matthias Treder. The research explores the use of deep perceptual preprocessing to enable bitrate savings across several generations of video encoders, without breaking standards or requiring any changes in client …

Diving into Neural Pre and Post Processing

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The iSIZE team was at this year’s Alliance for Open Media Research Symposium, in Redwood City from 7-8 June. CTO Dr Yiannis Andreopoulos gave a presentation on Day 1, speaking about neural pre and post-processing for video encoding with a range of codecs such as AVC, VP9 and AV1.  With more consumers and corporates streaming an ever-growing amount of video, …

VQEG Conference in Rennes, France

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This week Yiannis Andreopoulos, Chief Technology Officer at iSIZE, had the pleasure of being invited to present at the VQEG meeting in Rennes, France, May 9-13, 2022 on the Domain-Specific Fusion Of Multiple Objective Quality Metrics. VQEG was born from a need to bring together experts in subjective video quality assessment and objective quality measurement. The general motivation of VQEG is …

Sustainability and delivering impeccable experiences are not mutually exclusive

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The world’s largest video streaming platforms alone account for a few billion users globally. Live video is demanding far more bits per second than any other type of internet usage. In 2019, Cisco estimated that video would make up at least 80% of the 4.8 zetabytes of data being delivered over the internet by 2022. More than a billion hours …

The Greening of Streaming

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The 2021 Carbon Trust report Carbon impact of video streaming estimated that one hour of video streaming emitting a total of 50-60g of Co2. Petrol cars emit many times that amount but the climate emergency is such that M&E needs to do more to eliminate carbon in the system. There are multiple carbon cost centres for content, including production itself …

In Conversation with IABM: What does the future hold for AI in broadcast?

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Sergio Grce, iSIZE CEO & Yiannis Andreopoulos, CTO sat down with Darren Whitehead of the IABM to discuss what’s new for iSIZE, and what’s in-store for the future of artificial intelligence in the broadcast industry. Watch below to learn more:

Discover the latest from iSIZE at NAB Show 2022

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iSIZE is exhibiting for the first time at NAB 2022 (24 – 27 April, Las Vegas Convention Center). We will be bringing our latest innovations spanning encoding, denoising and generative video content creation that enhance video quality while saving up to 50% in bitrate, reduce latency to near-zero and revive unwatchable content to the maximum possible quality. At the show, …

iSIZE BitClear: Making the Unwatchable Watchable

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Sergio Grce, iSIZE CEO discusses BitClear, an artificial intelligence based denoising technology. Consider the life-cycle of a piece of “viral” media. It might be a rare insight into a news story, an unexpected artistic achievement, or just a funny animal. But it has spread around the media-sharing social sites. Given the quality of cameras available today, even in phones, it …