IEEE Spectrum: AI Poised to Transform Video-Compression Landscape

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Recently, iSIZE was featured in an article by Craig S. Smith in IEEE Spectrum, which discusses the potential of AI in revolutionising the video compression landscape. In this article, CEO Sergio Grce and CTO Yiannis Andreopoulos discuss how iSIZE enhances conventional video encoders with AI-based pre-processing to improve the quality and bit-rate efficiency of conventional encoders. “By adding an AI …


NVIDIA GTC 2023: Bridging the Gap Between “Codec” and “Avatar”

iSize News

iSIZE CTO Yiannis Andreopoulos gave an insightful presentation at the NVIDIA GTC Developer Conference on March 23rd 2023, where he talked about bridging the gap between “Codec” and “Avatar”. During the presentation, Yiannis┬ádiscussed the current neural avatar solutions and three challenges they need to overcome: reliability at scale, minimal or no offline data capture complexity, and minimal training/inference complexity. He …