AI video compression is arriving not a moment too soon

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Artificial intelligence for video compression is a technology that is coming to a streaming service near you, and it can’t arrive quickly enough. RedShark talks to iSIZE CEO Sergio Grce about its encoder which capitalizes on the trend for perceptual quality metrics such as VMAF and can be shown to save 30 to 50 percent on bitrate at the cost …

AI Compression Has Entered the Room

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In a world where online video use is soaring and bandwidth remains at a premium, video compression is essential to keep the gears running smoothly. Adrian Pennington discusses how AI is replacing conventional techniques to cope with the ever increasing demand in a recent article for NAB Amplify. iSize Technologies has developed an encoder to capitalize on the trend for …

The Carbon Footprint Of ... Video Streaming and Games? It's A Thing

The Carbon Footprint Of … Video Streaming and Games? It’s A Thing

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By Sergio Grce, CEO of iSIZE Published by Nasdaq, January 19, 2021 What do you think of when someone mentions “carbon footprint?” The first things that would come to mind for most people would be factory emissions, private jets, and gridlock in major metropolitan areas. What many people don’t realize is depending on the technology used, streaming high-definition videos and games …

Start-up iSize sizes up against SSIMWave in video precoding

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by Tommy Flanagan, Faultline Editor and Rethink TV Analyst, December 3, 2020 After seeing the word ‘precoding’ emblazoned on the website of video compression start-up iSize Technologies, Faultline dialed into this week’s briefing with immense skepticism. An hour later, we left having been mostly convinced that video precoding is much more than a marketing construct – albeit one with opportunities …

iSize Technologies’ BitSave Achieves Cost, Bitrate Savings With Intel AI-Enabled CPUs

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by Phil Kurz, TVTechnology, November 30, 2020 BitSave precoding technology leveraging Intel Xeon Scalable Processors can reduce bitrate 25% LONDON—iSize Technologies has formed a strategic partnership with Intel to achieve a five-times improvement in speed performance using Intel’s AI-enabled CPUs to reduce streaming cost and achieve a 25% bitrate savings, the company said. The performance enhancement made possible by iSize …

Is Online Video Streaming Killing the Internet -- and the Environment?

Is Online Video Streaming Killing the Internet — and the Environment?

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by Ariel Shapira, Entrepreneur, November 20, 2020 Video service providers must explore sustainable ways to deliver streaming video content without sacrificing quality. What comes to mind when the topic of “online video consumption” gets brought up? Do you immediately think of streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo? Do you think of the ever-popular social networks, such as Tik Tok, …