The Emergence of AI and Machine Learning in Creative Media 

The Emergence of AI and Machine Learning in Creative Media 

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In this webinar the Royal Television Society explored the impact that AI and Machine Learning (ML) is having on the creative media industry whether it be in pre-production, production, post or archiving. Yiannis Andreopoulos was part of a panel of experts with Panayota (Yota) Georgakopoulou, Yvonne Thomas and Rich Welsh to discuss the challenges the industry is facing and how AI/ ML can support it.

First it was IP but now there’s an even bigger revolution going on in all parts of the creative media process. Artificial intelligence and AI powered technologies such as iSIZE’s BitSave, that can continually learn without human intervention are undoubtedly impacting the complete production process right through to the final consumer experience.

Not only can the technology handle and organize vast archives of footage, images, marketing materials and postproduction work, machine learning applications also offer solutions to internal organizational challenges. With the cloud and machine learning algorithms, businesses can begin to structure and automate processes for all of their content, saving hours of manual review, data entry and quality assurance. This in turn will drive efficiency through creative automation across the whole production process in way that couldn’t even be dreamt of a decade ago.

It’s not only at a technical level, however, AI and ML can create programs as illustrated by BBC 4’s first experimental documentary, ‘Made by Machine – When AI Met the Archive’. Whether it be live panel discussions or football matches various tracking technologies combined with a “virtual” director enables a live cut output of the event without any human intervention to be streamed directly to the consumer.

Television has had many paradigm shifts in its evolution e.g. black and white, color, HD, 4K, etc., all adding value to the final product. None so far, however, have been as radical as machines taking over what were previously human processes. This panel looks at what impact the introduction of AI and ML having on the way we produce and distribute the content, whilst exploring what the new production process and distribution pipeline looks like with AI powered technologies in it?