The Future of Superintelligence Panel Session at MTH

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iSIZE’s Yiannis Andreopoulos leads the debate on how AI can best deliver results for the needs of films and television 

At the MediaTech Hub Conference 2021, held 10-11 November, iSIZE CTO Yiannis Andreopoulos took part in the panel discussion entitled The Future of Superintelligence: What Do We Want From AI in Film & Television?  Technology for technology’s sake does not help the media industry to drive forward or to reach its full capability. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) opening up so many radical possibilities for audiovisual media, how often do we stop and ask ourselves: What do we actually want from AI? This session explored the need for a mission-oriented AI, backed by ethics, interdisciplinary collaboration, and purposeful design, to help us discern between what is merely possible, and the innovations that would make a real differenceIt showcased different approaches to using AI solutions for creation, production, delivery and distribution. 

 MediaTech Hub Conference aims to act as a catalyst for innovation transfer between the film and television sector and rapidly evolving industries including mobility, logistics and e-health driven by new media technologies, from VR and voice assistants to digital humans. This two-day event brought together international experts for a use-case driven program with 20+ sessions, a wide range of in-depth workshops, hands-on demos, exclusive partner events and individual networking opportunities.